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BBELS News For 2016 - 2017Thank you again to our wonderful agents for your support for the Byron Bay English Language School over the many years since 1998. We continue to improve our services and amenities to students. Please read below for our latest news and updates. Please download our 2017 Course Information and Fees and2017 Fees List Also see our BBELS Agent page for high resolution photos, and our BBELS Agent Handbook 

2017 - What's New

Full time General English, Cambridge Preparation and IELTS course remain our most popular courses.

We no longer will offer June start date for Cambridge Exam Preparations. Class numbers remain low in our winter season. January, March and September start dates will continue as usual.

CPE – Since 2011 we’ve been offering Cambridge Proficiency Exam preparation. However enrolments remain low. Even Brisbane and Sydney schools have trouble making a class. From 2017 we continue to offer it but only for January and September start dates. Students join CAE classes or advanced General English and enjoy private (at cost) or small afternoon classes (1.5 hours) of CPE focused material.

IELTS - still growing in popularity, mostly due to a dedicated teacher - Leise. Most course start dates have a waiting list for IELTS.


BBELS Student Houses remain very popular. September bookings have filled most single rooms as of mid September 2016. Twin share rooms are still available. Our deluxe student house is also popular. It offers 4 x single or double deluxe bedrooms each with a private bathroom (shower/WC and basin). View the flyer and photos of Bangalow Road Student house here. You will like it!

Security cameras now offer added security in all student houses. The cameras are located in external and common areas. Private areas are not covered by the cameras. For more information, please see our Security Camera Policy

Teacher Step Levels

We remain committed to the delivery of quality academic services. One indicator of a school’s academic integrity is the Step level of its teachers. Every ESL teacher in Australia has a Step Level – from 1 - 12 . It's a measure of their qualification and teaching experience. A high step level also means better pay conditions for the teacher, BBELS has an average Step level of 8. Many schools have policies which restrict the average step level of their teaching staff to 4 or 5. I believe it is important for agents and our students to be aware of this. BBELS students benefit from experienced and well qualified teachers.


Our bookings remain strong. This is a product of both the relatively cheap AUD and the growing reputation and acceptance of Byron Bay as a fantastic place to study. As a destination, it offers a great lifestyle. Most students walk or ride bicycles to school - healthy and envigorating. This helps the learning process.

Japan, Korean and Taiwanese student numbers are on the increase after 4 -5 years of decline. This year our Teen and Group programs will ensure we are close to capacity during late July and August.

I wish you all continued success !

Michael O'Grady - Director


English Language School

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